Lee Mine Hardwood Restoration Project

This logging project was decided in August of 2016. However, one of our community members went for their walk in one of their favorite areas of the Shawnee with their dogs, and came across this logging project April 21, 2019. This was originally part of the Harris Branch Project which did not allow harvest of timber from April 15- July 15. Why were there logging trucks loaded with hardwood leaving the national forest?

Photo credit to eternalshawnee
Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 8.48.50 PM.png

The Forest Service has responded to some of our emails. We are still sorting out the details of the many sales and files associated with the project area.

Here is an article and photos that were captured after receiving a heavy rain that resulted in sediment coating the stream with silt and a terrible muddy mess. We will share more details as we receive them.