How Far?

II am writing to draw attention to our Shawnee Forest, and U.S. Forest Service plans to resume logging in there, after a 17-year moratorium against it.

Plans also include burning, and spraying invasive species with toxic weed killers. It’s my understanding this will be carried out in the Lake Kinkaid watershed. Our water, and our children's bloodstreams, have enough toxins already, including the Roundup that now comes already prepackaged with our breakfast cereal.

How far are we going to let this go?

Recent reports on the impacts of climate change, and the speed at which it continues to accelerate, are nothing short of frightening. I admittedly don’t know a lot about forest management, but I do know that mistakes have been made in the past with serious long term effects for our forest. Trees play a crucial part in the quality of our lives, and in our very survival, and the survival of the planet. We need every tree standing. There is much reason to reconsider this plan.

Ansel Adams, the famous photographer, said, “It is horrifying that we have to fight our government to save the environment.”

Adams died in 1964, at the age of 82, when I was 14. It is horrifying to me that both he and I have spent lifetimes having to fight our government to save the environment. So far, we are losing this fight. Please urge the Shawnee Forest Service to halt this plan.

Retha Daugherty

Carbondale, IL