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Congressional Candidate David Palmer supports the new Shawnee National Park and Climate Preserve

David Palmer, Democrat running in Illinois' 13th Congressional District has announced his support for the proposed Shawnee National Park and Climate Preserve:

“If elected, I’d be the only downstate Democrat in the state of Illinois. With that territory, comes the responsibility for fighting for the natural beauty in Shawnee National Forest which is facing the threat of mass logging, a danger to our natural ecosystems we haven’t seen since the 1990s! That’s why I am in full support of local activists who want Shawnee reclassified as a National Park and as the nation’s first ever CLIMATE Preserve. “

The 13th Congressional District includes the Metro East St. Louis region, Decatur and the Champaign/Urbana region. Encourage voters in the 13th District to vote for candidates that support creating the Shawnee National Park and Climate Preserve!

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