All photography provided by SFD!

With generations of forest protectors and decades of work, we have led the effort to protect the Shawnee National Forest from the threat of logging, mining and resources extraction. We believe the forest is an intact ecosystem that has an inherent right to be left alone from human management.

Informed by the history of this place, we act in the present, to ensure resiliency in the forests of the future.


Our Mission

United in protecting the Shawnee National Forest from the ravages of commercial exploitation and the failed management practices of the US Forest Service.

Biodiversity can’t be maintained by protecting a few species in a zoo, or by preserving greenbelts or national parks. To function properly, nature needs more room than that. It can maintain itself, however, without human expense, without zookeepers, park rangers, foresters or gene banks. All it needs is to be left alone.
— Donella Meadows